How automation is making human labour more valuable – Azeem Azhar

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Azeem Azhar is an entrepreneur, investor, and adviser with a two-decade career in technology. He runs the highly-cited newsletter, Exponential View, which covers the societal implications of technology and is a totemic source for the investors, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers. Azeem is the Senior Advisor on AI to the CTIO of Accenture. Azeem also advises breakthrough entrepreneurial firms, including Kindred Capital, Onfido, Ocean Protocol, as well as the Harvard Business Review.


Show Notes:

00.30 Automation is making our lives busier.

01.23 The behaviour patterns needed to make automation a success.

03.49 Why human behaviour is so difficult to change.

7.24 Viewing technological change through the lens of a journalist.

15.21 Azeem’s motivators for moving into tech.

20.33 Will coding be a requirement for individuals in the near future?

26.17 Making coding accessible for everyone.