In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ian Hayfield, DevOps manager at Ancoa. Ian is a DevOps evangelist and is a strong advocate of applying the methodology in business. In previous roles, he worked for several high profile names including IBM. His main responsibilities centered around diagnosing database issues and resolving them. He was also in charge of developing and deploying database RPMs, monitoring and host configuration.

On this show, Ian talks to Andy about Automating DevOps, how best to manage a DevOps team and having a DevOps team with a broad range of skills. They also discuss Ian’s background and career development and his transition into management.

Show Notes:

1.10 The necessity for technologists to be multifaceted in their disciplines.

3.01 How do you decide what new skills you need to learn to keep developing?

5.18 How did the teamwork and learning dynamic work at IBM?

6.06 The advantages of “getting thrown in the deep end” as a learning process.

6.44 Being aware of your acute business needs.

7.45 Using Automation.

9.19 DevOps and automation?

10.48 What was your background and how did you become a DevOps manager?

14.46 Internationally, do people look at DevOps from different perspectives.

15.59 Transitioning to a management position.

17.38 Management as a skill set unto itself.

21.43 What engages you more at work technology or the end goals of your project?

24.13 Technology as a product and the need to be business savvy.

25.45 What are you looking forward to seeing most technology-wise in the near future?