In this episode Andy Davis talks to Carl Austin, the UK CTO at BJSS. On the show they discuss the new industrial revolution being brought about by Artificial Intelligence. They chat about how society can embrace this change and what it could mean for people whose jobs may be taken over by machines. Carl and Andy also speak about how technology is now been driven more by consumer demand.

Show Notes: 

1.12 How close do you think you can to predicting the future 10 years ago?      

3.40 Is the gap between the creation of a new technology and it being available to the public shrinking?

5.55 Technology is being more tailored for public demand and it’s being built with more of a purpose.

8.15 Carl’s background and career progression.

10.43 What aspects of technology do you find most compelling?

13.37 Cryptocurrency and bursting bubbles.

16.43 What are some of the common things people ask you?

19.29 Is there a slight panic around machine learning and AI.

21.46 The move to AI should be celebrated.

23.03 Entire job families being destroyed with the advent of new AI technologies.

27.34 Tying Data into AI.     

29.15 How do you align your future thoughts with your companies goals?