In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Stuart Boyne, Global Head of HR at Argo Group International Holdings, about moving from the army to the corporate world. They discuss the possible differences in working culture, the need for strong leadership and the importance of being allowed to make mistakes.

Show Notes:

1.15 Getting involved in HR and being brave enough to jump in

2.45 Serving in the army

6.06 Comparing the army and civilian workforce culture

10.30 Dealing with bureaucracy

13.17 Organising the correct management and leadership in a team

19.35 The rationale of a high-performance team

22.45 Lean methodology in HR teams

25.35 A good manager understands that everyone is different

27.09 Working and training your leaders

31.14 Learning on the job vs. on a course

33.05 Building the right culture to make mistakes