In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Marc Rind, B.P of product development and chief data scientist at ADP analytics and big data. They discuss how companies are approaching big data and the various methods for viewing and analysing data sets. They also touch on the changing requirements of working in data and technology as a product.

Show Notes:

1.40 Discussing the reach of big data and what is it?

3.40 A.D.P’S company profile

4.45 How disciplined does one have to be when approaching data in a big data context

10.20 Using creative thought processes when looking at data

12.50 Marc’s routes into data science

15.00 what part of a job in data science does Marc enjoy the most

18.00 How much has the typical data person changed and recruitment practices changed over the past 14 years?

21.20 Technology as a product, the necessity to have a commercial instinct in tech and how to find candidates with these two traits

24.00 Business and its link with technology

25.20 What advice would you pass back to your younger self or people starting in data science