Jamie Khoo is an associate director of marketing sciences at Mindshare.

If the Police get into trouble, they call the SWAT team. If the analytics or programmatic trading team hits a roadblock… they call Jamie Khoo; the bridge between media, tech, and general analytics.

Seven years at Mindshare have made Jamie an expert in using data to streamline processes in media & advertising. He is also responsible for training new staff on the world of media & media analytics tools.

Jamie has a real knack for explaining the applications of analytics in advertising and is a big proponent of ‘data-driven’ thinking.

In the episode, Jamie shares his thoughts on the growing influence of automation as well as the importance of encouraging creativity when working with data.

Show Notes:

1.28 How did you get involved in data science?

3.52 Why do you think the data science space has become so confused?

8.11 The difficulty of articulating the different roles in Data Science.

9.05 Having business acumen as a tech specialist.

12.21 Will everything be automated in the future?

15.18 Drawing inspiration and motivation from the unknown.

16.30 Moving into management.

19.06 Most effective business strategy methodologies.

22.00 Getting creative with data.

24.03 Data and workplace diversity.

25.48 Daily sources of motivation.