Shilpa is the Alternative Delivery Model Lead & Women in Tech Program Lead at Deloitte 

Shilpa has spent 22 years working in consulting after starting her career as a software engineer. She graduated from Manchester University’s institute of technology. She could already see back then that technology was the way forward for her career and society.  

She’s spent 15 years working with a variety of clients helping them undertake technology and data transformations.  More recently she’s taken on the title of Alternative Delivery Model Lead. This role focuses on the growth and setup of new services for clients that could be offshore, nearshore, contractors & most recently crowdsourcing services.     

Shilpa has also been the leader of the Women in Technology Network at Deloitte for the past 11 years, trying to create sustainable change for deloitte and their clients and society more broadly.   

She was a guest keynote speaker at an event exclusively for over 50 senior Deloitte Austria clients as well as an expert panelist for the 400+ audience in the plenary panel session on “Unleashing Europe’s Digital Potential.”

Shilpa has also been able to undertake various TV and press interviews and a Facebook live-stream event and the links for this can be found below.

Show Notes:

01.32 Shilpa’s career journey 

02.59 Technology, the next big thing

04.53 Promoting the opportunities tech provides 

07.20 Tech innovation is reliant on people 

09.57 What will the new world of work look like? 

11.41 50% of future workforces will be freelancers 

13.32 Managing disruption 

15.46 Consulting gives you a better perspective on your marketplace 

16.56 Tech trends to watch out for 

20.06 Alternate ways of working 

22.04 Do we still need a 9 to 5 workweek?

24.30 Does remote working mean we’ll never switch off 

27.18 Has talent drove demand for alternative working 

29.06 Automation will give us more time to think 

30.53 Shilpa’s women in tech work


Location: Northern Powerhouse