AI in Healthcare operations – Christian Moroy

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Christian Moroy is the Co-Founder & CTO at Edge Health.

Christian’s aim is to make hospitals more effective and efficient with Artificial Intelligence. Whether that’s by using algorithms to increase available bed spaces or by using AI to make sure theatres are being utilised to the full.

Christian splits his working day between coding and client meetings. Conveying the benefits of AI to non-technical people is a crucial part of what he does. He uses the same skills on today’s podcast as he explores exactly how AI is revolutionising the healthcare sector.

Show Notes:

0.35 Selling the practical applications of AI to clients.   

4.39 What does ‘good’ look like in terms of AI?

5.40 Validating AI to clients.

8.11 Why drew you towards the healthcare sector?  

9.54 Things you want to do vs. Things you have to do.

11.13 AI-driven practicality

14.01 Emerging opportunities in the health tech space.

16.00 How to deal with unexpected problems.

17.19 What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?   

19.29 Predicting the future of AI.

22.25 Making complicated problems simpler.

24.11 Aligning your vision with your business goals.

25.27 How is society adapting to technological advancements.

28.14 Predicting AI’s impact on a global scale.