Creating AI-driven learning recommendations – Marc Zao-Sanders

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Marc is the CEO and Founder at

Marc’s career started 18 years ago when he began working at a strategy consultancy called Mars & Co. This role gave him a lot of business skills as well as helping him figure out what drives successful clients.

During his working life, his goal has always been to acquire skills to help him start his own company. This led him to start working at several startups before he set up Filtered technologies which has now reached its 10th birthday.  

Show Notes: 

01.22 Marc’s career progression 

02.30 Stepping into entrepreneurship

07.00 Having your business eureka moment 

08.51 Operating within a marketplace

12.10 What’s the next evolution of data?

15.52 Ensuring your business in on track & on-trend

19.18 Acquiring ‘good data’

22.26 Dealing with business growth

25.52 Tackling founders egos 

28.16 Product development at Filtered

31.27 Careers at Filtered