Aris is the CEO & Co-Founder at Gutsy Ninja

For the last 10 years, Aris has been working as an agile delivery manager. He especially enjoys contracting roles within organisations that help drive software delivery, assist and improve Agile processes and techniques such as Scrum Master and Agile Coaching initiatives. 

Having been convinced of the Agile mindset many years ago, Aris took the opportunity to investigate ways of bringing the customer’s voice closer to the overall process. Gutsy Ninja is now helping companies understand their customers, increase conversion and find opportunities with our User Research consultancy.

The perks of contracting 

‘One of the things contracting gives you is exposure to lots of different office environments and, in my case, lots of different industries. You do tend to learn a wider variety of skills when you’re contracting.    

Another advantage of contracting is that you have time to reflect after a contract. So there’s an opportunity there to try something new or play around and explore an idea you’ve had whilst working. That’s a definite luxury of being able to take some time out. 

This is where Gutsy Ninja’s user research initiative started out.’ – Aris Capellos 

Show Notes:

00.50 Twelve months after GDPR  

02.23 The advent of agile 

06.58 The irony of agile

09.42 The main pitfalls when trying to apply agile

14.16 Agility is a cultural shift

18.31 Taking a Kanban approach 

20.17 Setting up Gutsy Ninja  

22.05 The perks of contracting 

24.07 Making time to reflect on your career

25.19 How do you set yourself goals