Building an agile business – Ian Murrin

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Ian is the CEO at Digiterre

Originally Ian had nothing to do with software. He did his degree in economics and econometrics. Despite the fact he didn’t like maths and didn’t want to do maths after his A-levels Ian went to university ended up on a statistics course when the business studies department was full. After this, he got a scholarship to a university in Canada where he found out he was going to do more applied maths.          

After vowing never to do maths again he found himself doing 4 more years of it. This did set him up very well for his career though. He worked for Proctor & Gamble after university as a brand manager. He started working in the brand management department but eventually ended up running it. After this, he moved to Rich Tea and Digestive where he did the same role before founding Digiterre.     

Show Notes:

00.56 Twenty years of Digiterre

04.03 Becoming a customer-centric business

07.32 The Digiterre story 

12.02 Agile methodologies 

18.56 Bringing agile back to basics 

20.01 Deliver or die

23.38 Attitudes to problem-solving

27.57 Taking on ambitious projects 

31.45 Technology is an enabler  

34.50 Careers at Digiterre