In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Rahul Rao, Director of engineering at yieldmo. On the show, Rahul explains why many people have a negative opinion of AdTech and what he’s trying to do to change that. They also discuss how to keep up with the rate of change of technology. Andy asks Rahul about how he made the transition to management.

Show Notes:

1.10 The negative perceptions of AdTech.

2.56 Does the ethical objections to AdTech come from a tech culture standpoint?

6.07 Monetising platforms with adverts.

8.08 Improving the AdTech space, educating the end-user and putting the control in their hands.

10.21 Building a great customer experience into your software.

12.45 Managing the rate of change in technology.

16.05 Being proactive in the technical world even if you’re in a management position.

16.57 Being able to figure things out and always be constantly learning.

21.53 Creating an environment where you can “Give people a go” and learn from their mistakes.

24.20 How your goals change when you step into management.

29.15 Being able to adapt to whichever coding language you need use.