In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Shawn Nolan, Head of Networks at Gigaclear. Shawn leads a team of highly skilled Network Engineers. His company delivers the fastest Residential speeds in the UK of up to 5Gbps to users via high-speed FTTH and 10Gbps to business customers. Shawn has been responsible for spearheading all network architecture and implementation projects. He completely redesigned the Gigaclear Core Network and Datacenter, to implement MPLS services for clients.

On the show today he discusses how best to add value to your team and yourself. They also discuss staying back from the leading edge of innovation, proving your worth and continuous education.

Show Notes:

1.47 Mobile in the networking world

5.06 Different kinds of talent in networks

7.54 Making yourself valuable outside of being a network engineer

10.08 Adding to your skill set

14.42 The leadership aspect of Shawn’s role