Diego is the Lead Data Scientist at FutureLearn  

With a background in Astrophysics Diego has worked as a professional researcher in Astrophysics for more than 8 years. In that time he undertook post-doctoral research. He was also part of one of the largest collaboration of astrophysicists in the world which was called the dark energy survey. 

After his academic career, he moved into a role in data science and found that the work was very similar. The principles and problems he faced in data science were similar to his science career. It was the setting that he found the most different.   

He now works as a Lead Data Scientist at FutureLearn and he works on identifying and solving problems in a data-driven fashion.

Show Notes:

01.12 Diego’s career journey 

02.25 Academia to Data Science

04.13 Motivators to stay in academia

06.33 Transitioning from a research role to the private sector 

09.59 Enjoying a change of pace

10.50 Working with cutting edge tech

13.38 Working with ‘good data’

15.33 Data can be frustrating 

18.34 Problem solving 

20.40 Working in a team 

22.06 Careers at FutureLearn