Dan Jenkins is IT manager at 7 Digital.

When you’re in a position of management it’s easy to agonise over every aspect of your role. An attitude like this will ultimately lead to micro-management and unhappy staff. Learning to let your staff ‘do their thing’ gives you the freedom to look at the bigger picture in business and creates a more conducive environment in your office.  Dan Jenkins has overcome overthinking and tells us about his relaxed approach to management on today’s podcast.

Show Notes:

2.18 Digital detoxing

5.38 Transitioning into management

6.44 Overthinking people management

9.33 The reasons people come to work each day

12.26 Keeping up with changing technology

16.35 The type of person that gets into tech

19.19 How did Dan get into tech

23.00 A smooth career journey doesn’t exist

27.07 Exciting future tech advances