Steve King ‘Applied predictions’ Building better outcomes with predictive models – Steve King

March 20 ,2020

Pat Farr ‘Meaningful tech’ is tech for good – Pat Farr

March 20 ,2020

Ian West 15 steps to make your business GDPR defensible – Ian West

March 20 ,2020

Tech Leadership Podcast

From CTO to CDO, Venturi’s Voice Podcasts brings you insightful thought leadership from some of the industries most influential leaders. Every week we’ll be bringing you new stories from the world of data, development, tech leadership and staffing. Be inspired by the stories of tech leaders from around the world.

March 20 ,2020

The US Healthcare Space – Nathan Drake

Nathan is CTO @ Dental Sleep Solutions. In his impressive...

March 20 ,2020

Organisational Maturity – Zakaria Siddiqui

Andy sits down with Zakaria, digital transformation leader and Director...

March 09 ,2020

Making the World Better with Tech – Amy Czuchlewski

Amy is the Senior Vice President of Technology at BottleRocket....

February 28 ,2020

Data, Change and Adatis – Hugh Freestone

  Hugh is the Head of Data Engineering at Adatis....

February 13 ,2020

Safe-guarding culture, avoiding burnout and routes into coding – Craig Bilner

Craig is the Head of Engineering at News UK Craig...

February 11 ,2020

Capturing hand-written notes with – Greg Taylor

Greg is the General Manager at The foundation of...

February 06 ,2020

Creating products at ImproveWell – John Masterson

John is the Chief Product Officer at ImproveWell The ImproveWell...

February 03 ,2020

Technology, attention spans, and IoT – Phil Clare

Phil is the Head of Engineering at Interact Phil is...

January 30 ,2020

Creating psychological safety in your company – Bernardo Torres

Bernardo is an Engineering Manager at Newstore Bernardo has 15+...

January 27 ,2020

Working with Distributed Teams – C.K. Sample

C.K. is the CTO at HyperGiant A leader and innovator...