In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Gerrit Niemeijer, CTO at Visible World Inc. Gerrit chats about the changing face of office life. Andy asks Gerrit about his approaches to managing a tech team and the importance of maintaining focus in your enterprise. They also discuss whether the 9 to 5 working day is obsolete.

Gerrit is a technical executive who is specialised in innovative product development for the Media Industry. He has an in-depth understanding of Digital Video technology, Television Advertising technology, Cloud-based technology, and Big Data frameworks. He has built several development organisations and products from scratch. Deployed products with Cable Operators (MVPDs/MSOs), Broadcast television operators, Telco’s, and Satellite Operators. Managed co-located teams as well as (internationally) distributed teams.

Show Notes:

1.09 With modern advances in technology why do we need physical hubs to work from?

2.46 Is the 9 to 5 environment outdated?

7.12 What are your approaches as a manager?

9.43 Why you and your team should keep your goals in focus.

12.46 Managing technical people & the change in technology over time.

18.24 Can we get lost in new technologies.

20.46 What behaviours have you always maintained that has kept you steady throughout your career?

22.24 Discussion on servant leadership.