Video game design
January 15 ,2019

Video game design: The ins and outs of an expanding industry – Fawzi Mesmar

website creation
January 10 ,2019

Automating website creation – Sebastian Lewis

predictive models
January 03 ,2019

‘Applied predictions’ Building better outcomes with predictive models – Steve King

cloud migration
November 29 ,2018

Challenges in cloud migration: How Photobox moved Europe’s Largest Consumer Photo Database onto the Cloud – Chris Astall

business growth
November 23 ,2018

Business growth: Controlling scale as a CTO – Marta Jasinska

technical solutions
November 19 ,2018

Creating technical solutions for real world problems – David Jensen

August 23 ,2018

How automation is making human labour more valuable – Azeem Azhar

AI healthcare
May 22 ,2018

AI in Healthcare operations – Christian Moroy

security sector
May 08 ,2018

Is the security sector under threat from money hungry job seekers? – Paul Kenealy

artificial intelligence industrial revolution
March 16 ,2018

Artificial intelligence: How can society adapt to this new industrial revolution – Carl Austin