Property Management

IT Network and Systems Administrator – London



A highly successful Property Management company based in Central London are actively looking for an IT Network and Systems Administrator to join their team. The salary is £35,000 – £40,000 plus benefits.  

As the IT administrator, you will report to the CTO. You will be responsible for maintaining the UK system infrastructure including IT network, servers and security systems, printing system, email systems, databases, testing computer equipment, firewalls, malware and other software and hardware.

Maintain the patch management system with routine reviews and convenient update schedules; provide technical support for both hardware and software issues that may arise, using Change Management System and IT Helpdesk. Regularly update the Inventory and Asset management systems.

Monitor the systems daily and respond quickly to any security breaches or usability concerns.

Monitor backup systems and verify that backups have been completed. Run Baselines and Security checks.

Assist in integrating new applications and technologies into the current system.

On a day to day basis, you might be called upon to help colleagues with more basic IT needs. This will mean you’ll need to share your own knowledge to help others, including setting up new users and managing backup, security and passwords. You’re also the Groups internet police, monitoring internet and email use.

Required skills for IT Network and Systems Administrator

As well as good problem-solving skills, we are looking for the following attributes where possible:

  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • At least 3 years’ experience in this role.
  • A working knowledge of IT operating systems, particularly Windows 2008/12/16, SBS2011, Exchange 2010/2016 SQL 2008/12/14/16, Windows 7/10 Pro/Ent, VMware V6.x, Backup Exec V15/20, SonicWall TZ/NSA, Fortinet Firewall, Sophos EPA, Mimecast Email Security, Continuity and Archive.
  • Good knowledge of AD, Group Policy, CA, KDC, SSL/TLS, SHA, Ciphers.
  • Change management system, Patch Management.
  • Experience with advanced security tools and systems, 2FA, Encryption and FDE.
  • Hands on experience of imaging/installing and hardening IT hardware and software.
  • IT Helpdesk System, IT Support.

Skills and Qualifications for IT Network and Systems Administrator

MCSA, VMware, MCSE*, VCP 6*, CCNA*, CISSP* *Desirable but not essential.

Some knowledge of IT security, Information security, Risk Management, Incident Management, FDE, 2FA, Password Management.    

Job Responsibilities for Network and Systems Administrator

  • Performance monitoring all systems and optimizing systems.
  • Baselining of all systems, MS Baseline, SBS, Exchange, SQL.
  • Maintains Computer Infrastructure, VMware, Windows platforms.
  • Implement all upgrades, updates, rollups and patches; Setting convenient schedules.
  • Assist with the integration of SIEM and security systems within the corporate network in UK, and if required, the Warsaw office in Poland.
  • Implement and maintain Inventory and Asset management systems and the Change Log system.
  • Assist in specifying static Encryption system for Servers, Laptops and PC’s. Encrypt USB sticks.
  • Maintain printing systems and document management systems.
  • Maintain the SonicWall Firewalls, the Sophos EPP systems, Mimecast Enterprise Continuity, Security, Scan and Archive Email system.
  • Create and maintain IT Helpdesk reporting to the CTO. Provide IT support to staff.
  • Assist in Email Archive solution for MS Exchange 2016 and Outlook 2016.
  • Assist with Network upgrade in 2019 to W10, W2016/9, Exchange 2016, SQL 2016, VMware 6.x
  • Assist with network security checks and testing in preparation for internal Penetration testing.
  • Maintain images of all servers, desktops and laptops; Image hardening; Security updates.
  • Assist with Enterprise Encryption FDE and onsite Sophos Enterprise Console; Mimecast Enterprise Email Protection, Archive, Advanced Exploit scanning; Two Factor Authentication system implementation

Job Duties for IT Network and Systems Administrator

  • Monitor and assist with network performance by conferring with users; analyzing workflow, access, information, and security requirements; Data and disk sizes and utilization and growth forecasts and reporting. Upgrade path and planning, setting baselines – Hardware and Software.
  • Administer SonicWall TZ300 Firewall and VLAN firewalls, including security configuration review, updates, VPN, Users, AV, AM, IDS, IPS, Capture (Intercept-X, Vulnerabilities, Geographic Filtering, RBL Lists, Zones and VLANS; Security, monitoring Logs and events (SIEM integration).
  • Administer Mimecast Enterprise Email Security, Archive, Advanced Protection, Cloud and Mobile access, monitoring Events, Queues and Logs (SIEM Integration).
  • Administer Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced, SEC, Exploit Prevention, Application Control, Device Control, Tamper Protection, AV/AM/Behavior Monitoring, Web Protection, Patch Management, Authorizations and Log monitoring (SIEM integration).
  • Administer Patch Management across all devices, routine patching and pre-rollout testing.
  • Maintain Backup, DR and HA Systems including BE V15/20.1, Evault V7.3, VRanger V7.2, Double Take V7.1
  • Maintains network by evaluating network performance, monitoring, analysis and issues including availability, utilization, throughput, goodput, and latency; escalating problems to vendors.
  • Assist with defining network policies and procedures; Documenting Network configuration, resources, security, change management including Network diagrams, Floorplans.
  • Documenting User start/ leaver matrix, User Access Matrix, Add/Remove users in AD, Network, Device Systems, Services (Printers, Advinda Cloud CRM, Mimecast) and Software access, ACL’s.
  • Document all work using a change management system.
  • Maintain IT Inventory and Asset Management H/W and S/W registers.
  • Secures network by developing network access, monitoring, control, and evaluation; maintaining documentation and Logs (SIEM Integration).
  • Maintain the Active Directory, FISMO roles, DHCP, DNS, IP Schema, IPV4/6, LDAPS, SSL/TLS., Ciphers, CA Certificates
  • Maintain crucial systems and services including Exchange 2010, SQL 2008/12/14/16, SharePoint 2010, Sage300, TAS Books, Advinda Cloud CRM, Corporate Web Site managed by CKD. Database management, design and backup.
  • Maintain logging on all hardware and software systems and interface with SIEM (Alien Vault and Carbon Black).
  • Prepares users with IT induction and provides user assistance and support as required.
  • Assists with Implementing and maintaining IT Helpdesk system.

How to apply for IT Network and System Administrator

If you would like to apply please send your CV to