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Have you tried asking Siri about Alexa?

Brand competition aside, there’s a real demand for smart speakers and smart assistants. While many people might not immediately adopt the notion of a smart home, the fact that more and more people are using the smart assistants on their mobile devices is evidence that the smart home, and even the smart city, is pushing us towards the internet of things. 

The Internet of Things is going to be an incredibly disruptive piece of technology, and it’s bound to be just as revolutionary as artificial intelligence. Imagine having all your devices interconnected on a single network. Imagine being able to start your kettle, turn on your garage lights, switch on the AC, and set your alarm clock for tomorrow’s grind, all while you’re having a conversation as you drive home from work.


The Looming Threat To Workers

As many people might fear, technology as disruptive as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are bound to reshape the way we interact with our world. These technologies might also replace human workers in their given fields, especially if the technology is able to perform these tasks better than their human counterparts. But other jobs may be created because of the need to repair or maintain AI. After all, a changing environment creates new needs.

internet of things and AI in HR

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It doesn’t matter if it’s Russian hackers or some kid who recently Googled how to exploit flaws in Apple’s iOS; any potential threat is one that should be taken seriously. Cybersecurity is already a very important aspect of any company, but when you take into consideration that there are going to be more devices capable of connecting with each other, cybersecurity may end up topping the list of important business needs very soon. Everything needs to be as secure as possible to protect business, employee and client data.

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Keeping Up With Trends Has Never Been More Important

In the same way that the best companies want to work with the best candidates, the best candidates want to work with companies that fit their level of expertise. While an IoT framework may not be a necessity (yet) in terms of product design, infrastructure, and functionality, a company that does not keep itself up-to-date is going to look significantly less appealing to a prime candidate versus a company that does. This is especially true for tech companies that want the best candidates among their ranks. Digital hiring will soon be a common process used by many companies.

The world is once again moving on. And in an industry as fast-paced as technology, there can be no room for laggards. The only sure way of properly integrating new technology with your current systems is by staying on top of what new tech is coming out and hiring the best people to handle integration. Knowing all the options out there also allows you to create failsafes and fallbacks, should the new technology prove to be faulty or incompatible.

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