[Infographic] 6 Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid

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digital transformation mistakes




Given the overwhelming success of disruptive companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix, many businesses are now seeking to follow the path blazed by these pioneers. For most, the starting point is a digital transformation. But doing a complete overhaul of business processes is no small task. There are a number of potential pitfalls that must be avoided along the way.


There is a lot at stake: the ability to strengthen customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities, and streamline costs. However, these benefits only come to fruition when transformations are managed and implemented effectively.


Done wrong, a transformation can throw critical business operations into disarray and cause confusion and discontent amongst employees. The infographic below covers 6 common digital transformation mistakes that should be avoided to ensure your digital transformation runs smoothly from start to finish.


6 Common Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid 


digital transformation mistakes



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