Inbound Recruiting

Talent is everywhere.

The proliferation of digital devices and platforms has firmly cemented the ‘always on’ mentality. Our appetite for content is truly insatiable and potential applicants are serious consumers.

The only problem is they’re not doing what you want them to do – or at least, they’re not doing them in the order you’d like. 

That’s where inbound recruiting comes into it’s own. The practice of meeting the modern applicant where they are with the content they engage with. 

An Introduction to the Modern Applicant 

Gone are the days of simple, transactional recruiting. 

You can’t just post a job on a job board and sit waiting for applicants to flood in. 

The modern applicant is omnipresent and always considering their next career move – even when they don’t think they need one. 

They’re on social media looking at impressive office spaces, they’re reading on medium about what it takes to succeed in a software development role or they’re browsing your website right now looking at your about us page. 

You can’t stop them from looking so you’d better make sure that what they are looking at is what you want them to know about you and your company.

That’s why recruiters need to think more like marketers and meet applicants where they are, with relevant content that will excite, engage and ultimately improve their consideration of the company. 

What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound recruiting is the practice of building out your brand and online presence to passively attract new talent and candidates through content. 

That’s a very simple explanation, but there are a lot of components that go into creating something that is cyclical, scalable and sustainable. 

The goal here is to engage qualified candidates through the content you put out there. 

Engaging with them through often educational pieces of content that actually provide value will build a better relationship from the beginning, making any future action (like a job application) much more mutually beneficial. 

Major Themes Of An Inbound Recruiting Strategy

As mentioned above, there’s a lot of components that go into building an inbound recruiting strategy. You can group those components into the major themes that build an inbound recruitment strategy. 

Content Creation

The practice of authoring content and distributing it in the circles that your applicants are present in. 

Are you telling your employer brand story? Help job seekers answer questions and get an authentic look inside your organization by creating content that’s valuable for your candidate persona.

Whatever you decide you want to author, you’ll need to pick the right channels:

  • Company Blog
    • Whitepapers
    • Ebooks
    • Blog posts
    • Infographics
  • Social Media
    • Video Testimonials
    • Meet The Staff
    • Culture
    • Office Images/Videos
  • Affiliate Channels
    • Other, relevant blogs 
    • Medium

Of course, you can’t just put the content and hope for the best. You need to do some research to find out what your applicants are searching for and how best you can optimise your content to reach them. 

Lifecycle Marketing

What are the chances a top saleswoman or engineer applies for a job on their first visit to your site? Pretty low. Think like a marketer to nurture relationships and stay in touch over time.

You can use specific tools to track applicant engagement from their initial visit to CV submission. Knowing where the pipeline for candidates slows down is invaluable for building out a basis for future changes. 

Knowing where an applicant is in the pipeline can help you tailor the right kind of content to push them to the next stage of the process. 


Talent is everywhere, across all channels at all times. 

With today’s technology, you can meet them there. 

It’s important you take ownership of your presence on all the channels your applicants are regulars in. 


A core component of the inbound recruitment process is being able to report on your recruiting efforts.

If everything is working well you’ll be receiving applicants from a variety of channels and sources, with varying levels of competency. You’ll also be revealing weaknesses in your processes and pipelines. 

These are all elements that you should be able to report on to drive decision making in the future. 

Our Approach to Inbound Recruiting

Different companies will take different approaches to inbound recruiting but i’d challenge anyone to find a completely unique inbound strategy. 

The fact is most strategies will use the same broad brushstrokes when it comes to inbound.

We use the same core fundamentals to attract candidates – blogging around relevant keywords that candidates are searching for and curating a fresh social feed to name just a few.

What really takes an inbound recruiting strategy to the next level is the nuances within every industry and company that you can exploit. 

The Venturi’s Voice Podcast

Venturi’s Voice comprises a number of channels and platforms we have established in an effort to contribute to the open-source, knowledge-sharing culture of the tech world.

As an IT recruitment agency, we are in a fortunate position to be able to give something of value back to the community. We speak with hundreds of tech professionals and employers each week, giving us a unique point of access to information, market insights, and thought leaders in the space.

Our podcast, blog, events, and slack community represent our efforts to share that information with the wider community. Our aim is to provide our audiences with content that is both helpful and thought-provoking.

We have now released more than 200 episodes. Each one brings you a personal firsthand account of a leader driving change within their organisation. We hope our listeners can relate, take inspiration, and action the information presented by our guests. The show intentionally has a relaxed and conversational style as we feel this is more engaging than a rigid Q&A type format.

Our podcast with Joshua Graham, Senior Technical Consultant at Computer ConQuest, is a great place to start. Listen here to the full episode here or check out a snippet below.

The Venturi’s Voice Blog

Venturi’s Voice blog offers educational content on technical recruitment and guest posts from a diverse range of industry thought leaders.

We produce this content in the hope it helps our candidates and customers address specific issues they encounter when job seeking or hiring. Pooling the knowledge and experience of our entire recruitment team helps us identify, address, and offer solutions to difficulties that crop up time and time again for our customers.

Read our blog on hiring data leaders here. 

Ask Me Anything With Industry Leaders 

Our monthly AMA events on Slack enable listeners and readers to engage directly with industry thought leaders, giving them an opportunity to ask them questions on any topic, technical or otherwise.

We host these events as it’s a great way of bringing people together to share knowledge and collaborate to solve problems. The events themselves are always lively, with questions typically ranging from the purely technical through to the completely tangential (e.g. What do you think about the game Fortnite and can you floss?)

Check out our AMA with Peter Donlon, CTO at Moonpig here. 

Venturi Events

Venturi’s Voice offline events are all about getting technical and staffing leaders together in one room to discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing the tech community.

The purpose is to bring leaders together to share their experiences and discuss how they are working to tackle specific problems at their company.  We hope these events help mobilise expertise and ideas to influence the decision making processes within businesses. Our first offline event series is primarily focused on discussing strategies that can help boost the level of diversity in tech.

You can watch a video recap of our diversity in tech roundtable event here.