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get noticed by IT recruitment agencies




According a recent Tech Nation report, the UK tech sector is growing 2.6 times faster than the overall economy. London was ranked the second most connected place for tech behind Silicon Valley in the US.


So if you’re hoping to take advantage of this buoyant market to get a new role, how can you make sure that you are ahead of the pack? As companies are increasingly turning to the expertise of IT recruitment agencies to find candidates for their hard-to-fill vacancies, it makes sense to make sure you’re as visible to them as possible. There are a few things you can do to ensure you get noticed by IT recruitment agencies.

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Update your contacts


If you’ve been placed by an IT recruitment agency before and are now in a position to take on a new role, make sure that you get in touch with your recruiter to update them on your situation. Even better, if you’re working on a IT contract role and you have a month left, give them a heads up about your upcoming availability. Maybe you’ve also gained some qualifications or completed a training course since you last spoke to them, or have different requirements regarding the location of work.


Make your CV stand out


If you Google ‘What to put on your CV’ it brings up 162,000,000 results. That’s quite a lot to read. Especially if you are trying to update your CV quickly and are unsure what to do (or what not to do). A brilliant CV will significantly boost your chances of making the shortlist and landing the job. But much of the advice online tends to be generic. So for more specific advice on how to tailor your CV for IT jobs, check out our previous post: “CV writing for tech professionals: The do’s and don’ts”


Update your profile on job boards


There’s nothing more frustrating for a candidate than receiving lots of calls from a recruiter after they have already secured a role. To avoid this make sure your online job board profiles reflect your status accurately. The same applies if you are actively seeking opportunities. Don’t forget to include details of your most recent role in the experience section. You could be missing out on a lot of opportunities for the sake of half an hour of admin.


Update your LinkedIn profile


There are more than 20 million LinkedIn users in the UK, with more joining every minute. Getting noticed by a recruiter amongst this sea of other candidates will take some work.


If your job seeking status is not a secret, by all means change the title on your LinkedIn profile to ‘actively seeking new opportunities’ or similar. Ensure that the skills section is up to date too, as recruiters will search by keywords. And it should go without saying that a professional looking profile picture is a must – your profile is eleven times more likely to get viewed if you have one.


Take these steps and you will be much more visible to IT recruitment agencies. Once you start receiving relevant job opportunities, the next step is to begin preparing for interview stages.





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