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Today headhunters play an essential role with the job market. They are tasked with placing the perfect candidate in the hard-to-fill roles. This isn’t easy as in most instances, the qualified candidate pool is tiny. So ultimately it all boils down to networks and connections. And in this regard, some headhunters are much better established than others.


For niche roles, specialist headhunters can offer a huge advantage by speeding up the hiring process. Vacant positions are costly and sometimes they can be left open for months on end. According to a statistic from Glassdoor unfilled jobs in the US tech industry alone amounts to approximately $20 billion.


But by relying on the insider knowledge of a headhunter, time to hire can be cut down significantly. The narrower their focus, the better. Headhunters who attempt to source candidates for a broad range of role types often leave themselves stretched too thin. This means they can’t maintain solid relationships with their network.


The number of headhunters in NYC is growing by the day. This can make it difficult to cut through the noise and find the right one for your company. So here are 6 great specialist headhunters in NYC across a range of different sectors: 


headhunters in nyc

Venturi – Tech


If you need a specialist tech professional immediately, Venturi can help. As a staffing agency, tech roles are all we focus on, and it’s what we excel at. With more than a decade of experience, we are experts when it comes to finding assignments ideal for developers and organisations alike. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, which is made possible via our unrivaled network of specialists.


What makes us unique is our people. Each member of our team works exclusively within particular a sub-sector of the IT industry. Dividing up work in this way means our consultants know all the ins and outs of the market they recruit for. Furthermore, the podcast and blog we publish at Venturi gives us a distinct advantage over other technical headhunters when it comes to attracting and engaging top talent. By delivering daily content to our audience, it allows us to stay connected with strong passive candidates.


headhunters in nyc

Davron – Engineering


Davron is an engineering headhunting agency based in NYC that recruit in a range of engineering roles including electrical engineering and civil engineering. Davron prides itself on having an excellent headhunting team who have both great technical knowledge and the interpersonal skills required to place the best candidates in the right role. Davron has many characteristics which make it a particularly appealing headhunting agency. For example, they have a “only pay if you hire” policy, meaning that unless they deliver the candidate you need, you don’t have to pay for their services. In addition, they offer to review each of their candidates CV’s for you, giving a summary of their key skills and experience. This is sure to save you valuable time when deciding which candidates are best suited to the job.



headhunters in nyc

ProClinical – Life Sciences  


ProCinical is one of the world’s leading life sciences headhunting agencies. They manage talent acquisition for a range of medical roles from science writing to laboratory technicians. Established in 2004, they have an extensive candidate network of industry professionals.  ProClinical are also very passionate about finding candidates that are not only technically proficient but are also a good cultural fit for the company. They are also committed to providing the best possible service and refrain from undesirable recruitment habits like sending unsolicited CVs to clients. Furthermore, they are a global business with offices in London, Basel, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore. If you have offices across the world or are looking to expand your business into new foreign markets, then ProClinical is the choice for you.  



headhunters in nyc

Betts Recruiting – Marketing


If you’re looking to fill a vacancy in marketing Betts recruiting is a safe bet. Betts track record speaks for itself. They have been awarded both Forbes – 2017 Best Professional Recruiting Firm and one of the San Francisco Business Times’ Largest Bay Area Executive Search Firms of 2017. They have collaborated with an impressive list of clients such as The New York Times and NBC News. Betts are also committed to finding candidates that are a good cultural fit for the company. To ensure Betts can do this, they send a senior member of their recruitment to meet with the company to ensure they are fully briefed on the skills and qualities the client most desires. With over 15 years of experience Betts have generated an extensive network of exceptional candidates. One of them is bound to be just right for your job vacancy.



headhunters in nyc

Robert Walters – Finance


Looking after the company’s bottom line is an incredibly important job the requires equally incredible candidates. Luckily, Robert Walters is up to the task. Specialising in headhunting for accounting, finance and baking, Robert Walters are one of the leading financial services recruitment firms in the world. No matter the size of your company Robert Walters provide top quality talent acquisition for small sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Throughout the year Robert Walters produce regular market reports letting its clients gain valuable insights into job market trends. Robert Walters have also done away with some bad headhunting practices such as offering commission to its headhunters for placing candidates in job vacancies. This can often mean headhunters are overly keen to fill roles by any means necessary. Instead, Robert Walters works on a team based bonus scheme where headhunters are rewarded for the quality of the work of their team, encouraging its headhunters to provide the best service possible. These are just a few reasons why Robert Walters is one of the best headhunters in NYC.



headhunters in nyc

Creative Circle – Creative


One great spark of creativity can be enough to elevate a company from relative obscurity to a market leader. Therefore, the importance of finding the right candidate for a creative role cannot be understated. Creative Circle is a headhunting agency in NYC who specialise in creative talent acquisition. From graphic designers to social media directors, Creative Circle recruits for a wide range of creative roles. One of the reasons that Creative Circle are one of the best headhunters in NYC is that they are committed to continual improvement. They understand that a company’s needs change over time, so they are committed to adapting themselves to best meet the needs of the company. Specialising in creative roles and employing headhunters with a creative background gives them an advantage in matching the best candidates with the right roles.