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Strengthening Your HR Team’s Cybersecurity Plan

The HR department is one of the most beneficial departments an organization can have. Sadly, it is also the department that is notorious for causing cybersecurity attacks. Human error can cause data breaches to happen, so a robust cybersecurity plan is essential. Cybercriminals often use social engineering tactics to lure employees into providing confidential information that may cause their organization to fall victim to a cyber attack.

For several years, major companies became the target for nefarious attacks, which caused millions of dollars in settlement costs. That said, organizations need to strengthen their cybersecurity plan, especially within their HR department. Here are some of the ways they can achieve a threat-free organization:

Provide Basic Security Training

It is a must for your HR department to include basic security training during the onboarding process. New employees must be aware of what they should not or should do in case of a cyber threat. They have to understand that security is an organization-wide concern and not just that of the security teams.

Furthermore, they should have a refresher training every quarter. Employees must know about the latest threats that may affect their organization. The training should include all employees. You have to remember that cybercriminals often target employees in the lower hierarchy with access to sensitive data because security is often lost at this level. Ensure that the training is relevant to their job functions.

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Get Third-Party Training from Industry Experts

While it is good that you have security teams, it is still best to get training from industry experts since they can provide your company with a different perspective of your cybersecurity processes. It would also help your security teams boost their knowledge of the current threat landscape.

Test Computer Hardware and Software

If you are renting an office that comes furnished with computers, make sure that you scan the hardware and the software to make sure they are free from any viruses and malware. If the commercial real estate space that you are renting has been involved with any malicious activities in the past, it might be best to consider a new one.

Give Reward for Best Practices

One of the ways that you can instill a culture of safety and security within your HR department is by rewarding your employees for successfully securing vital company details. It lets the employees see that security is an essential aspect of the organization. This way, employees will make a conscious effort to contribute to your cybersecurity plan.

Use Cybersecurity Tools

Employees should not be your only defense when it comes to cyber attacks. You have to make sure that your organization uses software that can help proactively detect attacks and react in case of an ongoing attack. Cybercriminals nowadays employ sophisticated schemes to instigate phishing, pharming, and malvertising attacks. The best way to protect your company is by leveraging available tools in the market:

  • You can use domain research and monitoring tools to prevent cybersquatting
  • You can use threat intelligence platforms to analyze incident reports
  • You can use WHOIS database download to gather information about a domain and its owners.

Having robust cybersecurity measures in place will help ensure that your organization is free from malicious attacks from cybercriminals. It can also help you maintain your online credibility, help you save tons of money, and help you remain compliant with many government regulations. A strong cybersecurity culture within your organization will help to ensure your success. When employees, customers, and clients feel safe interacting with your business, it means more earnings for your business.