In today’s busy job climate there are many staffing agencies in NYC. But it can be hard to choose the right one for you. This article will give you an overview of some of the best staffing agencies NYC has to offer to help you decide which one best suits your needs.


Recently, staffing agencies have gotten a bad rep. Stories of “overly keen” recruiters have put some people off the idea of staffing agencies completely. However, this is a case of a “few bad apples” giving other staffing agencies in New York an unfair representation. NYC has some of the best staffing agencies in the world which can help take the pressure off snowed under HR departments and internal recruiters.


Advantages of using staffing agencies


When you find the right staffing agency, here are a few of the benefits you can expect:


Time – Using a staffing agency saves you the effort of sifting through 100’s of applications.

Quality employees – Recruiters work closely with employers, delivering only those candidates who are a good fit for both the job description and company culture.

Cost  – Filling vacancies quicker means less revenue loss from open positions.   

Network – Specialist staffing agencies have pre-existing links with industry professionals and can connect you with great candidates right away.  


All in all a staffing agency will save you time and money. To assist you in your search for the perfect recruitment firm we have compiled a list of the 8 best staffing agencies in NYC across a variety of different business sectors.


best staffing agencies nyc


Venturi Group – Tech


Phone: 646-918-5114



If you have a tech vacancy, Venturi is the way to go.  Our strength lies in our dedicated recruitment team. Each member of our team specialises in a specific technical niche, meaning they have expert knowledge of their particular market. We have now built up an impressive candidate network throughout New York, catering for everything from development and data roles through to more specialised security and C-level positions.


In addition, our podcast and blog help us reach candidates others agencies don’t. By creating content in collaboration with industry thought leaders, we have made our site a go to place for job market trends and insights. Ultimately, this means we receive more qualified resume submissions than other agencies.


best staffing agencies nyc


Egon Zehnder – Finance

Phone: 212-519-6000


Though they recruit for many different fields, Egon Zehnder is best known for their financial practice network. Priding themselves in “transforming people and organizations through leadership” Egon Zehnder has an extensive client base in the financial market. This staffing agency carries out extensive research on the businesses they recruit for to ensure the right candidate is placed in right role. Operating in 40 countries, you can be sure that Egon Zehnder can find the perfect candidate for you.

best staffing agencies nyc

Clarity Staffing – Human Resources



Clarity Staffing is a staffing agency that operates in a number of different areas such as legal and administrative positions. However, their real expertise lies in HR. So it’s unsurprising they take a “human approach” to recruitment, going to great lengths to tailor staffing solutions to their clients. Clarity staffing understand the importance of finding the right candidate to fill a role. They take time to meet candidates in person, meaning they excel in finding those candidates who will make a great cultural fit.   


best staffing agencies nyc

80twenty – Marketing and Sales

Phone: 212-575-0007


With clients such as Facebook, Pintrest, and Air BnB you can see why 80twenty are one of the top staffing agencies in NYC. The company has previously won awards for their excellent talent acquisition service. Their extensive candidate network in marketing and sales comprises more than 1m individuals.


best staffing agencies nyc


JMC Legal Recruitment  – Law  

Phone: 0203-865-2113


With offices across the globe JMC Legal Recruitment is a truly international staffing agency. Specialising in legal recruitment alone gives them a laser guided focus on their market. The company has an 83% resume to interview ratio, indicating the quality of their candidate selection. Promising to stay “ahead of the curve” in the changing word of legal recruitment, you can be sure that JMC Legal can provide excellent staffing solutions to complex problems in business.


best staffing agencies nyc


Artisan Talent – Creative

Phone: 800-216-0600     


Recognised by Forbes and Time Out magazine, Artisan Talent is a leading creative recruitment agency. Artisan Talent have stated “we are in the business of connecting people.” This simple and honest view of recruitment reflects their personalised approach to talent acquisition. A key advantage to Artisan Talent is that they proactively vet the skills of their candidates so employers can be sure there is no “hot air” in their resume.


best staffing agencies nyc


Hospitality Staffing LLC  – Hospitality  

Phone: 646-780-4586


In an industry in which it is notoriously difficult to get reliable staff, Hospitality Staffing are head and shoulders above the rest. Hospitality Staffing recruit for both part time and full time work. They cater every kind of event from conferences to weddings. In addition, the company is very passionate about recruiting personnel on the basis of their qualifications AND personality. This ensures the customer always receives the best possible customer service.  


best staffing agencies nyc


Korn Ferry – Executive Search

Phone: 310-226-6352



Finding a new executive to lead a company can be make or break decision. Luckily Korn Ferryhave invested years in creating a vast network of top executive leaders. Korn Ferry’s track record speaks for itself;  they have over 100 offices worldwide, have established links with over 25000 companies, and place a candidate once every 3 minutes. One of the reasons Korn Ferry is included in our list of the best staffing agencies in NYC is that they offer continual improvement courses to their candidates, ensuring they are ready to hit the ground running when they take on a new role.



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