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The task of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring new employees is typically a costly and time-consuming process. And ultimately, there is no guarantee that the right person will end up in the job. However, there are very few employers who don’t recognise the value of top talent. Every business needs high-performing individuals to drive their business forward and boost the bottom line. But some employers still have reservations about using a recruitment agency.


HR departments are faced with a tricky task. There is stiff competition for elite candidates and not all of them will be suited to the culture and ethos of the company. Attempting to go it alone and take on full responsibility for the hiring process can become a real headache. In the worst case scenario, an overstretched HR department can lead to a stream of substandard hires being brought into the business.


Given this challenge, many employers need to bring in specialist support to ensure their hiring process runs smoothly.  Using a good recruitment agency can make life much easier. From identifying and attracting talent to negotiating terms and contracts, there are a variety of ways recruitment agencies can add value to a growing business. So what exactly are the advantages of using an IT recruitment agency to hire new staff?


Ability to identify and access genuine talent


Recruitment agencies have an advantage when it comes to hiring as they have a foot in both camps – they work with both employers who are searching for talent, as well as professionals on the lookout for promising new career opportunities. Therefore they are ideally placed to be ‘in the know’ and operate as a matchmaker between with two parties. Furthermore, recruitment consultants are highly skilled at identifying the tell-tale signs of a bad candidate. This makes good consultants extremely valuable; they know who is looking for work, how capable they are, and what sort of salary expectations they have. At Venturi each consultant on our team works exclusively within a particular sub-sector of the IT industry.  Dividing up work in this way offers significant benefits.


“Out of necessity, generalist recruiters need to take time to build an understanding of each individual role they recruit for as and when they come about. In contrast, because I’m only concerned with the Data and Business Intelligence market, I can focus my attention on building my understanding of the tech, trends, and candidates. By working in this area for a number of years I have developed a genuine passion for BI and Data, which makes my conversations with candidates and clients better informed and more enjoyable,” said Lewis Blades, Senior Consultant at Venturi.


In most instances, the most suitable person for a job is a ‘passive’ candidate i.e. they are not actively looking for a new job, but would be open to one should the right opportunity present itself. Experienced consultants have strong contact networks and a clear idea where to find these individuals. Furthermore, the podcast and blog we publish at Venturi gives us a distinct advantage over other agencies when it comes to attracting top technical talent. The content we publish daily is an example of our collaboration with thought leaders in tech and it serves several purposes such as driving engagement with strong candidates and helping our consultants build a better understanding of technical terminology.


Time saved


Time is money, and recruitment agencies are time savers. The beginning stages of the hiring process are always the most labour intensive. If a company simply posts their opening on a traditional job board, they can expect to receive hundreds upon hundreds of CVs (often of poor quality) for any single position. Sifting through a mountain of applications to find the candidates worth interviewing takes a great deal of time and effort. Handing this task over to a recruitment agency means businesses need only spend time looking at quality CVs from candidates who have the right skills and experience for the role.


Negotiate salaries


As an employer, the last thing you want is to get to the end of the recruitment process, having identified your chosen candidate and made a job offer, only to find that you are worlds apart on salary and benefits. Recruiters can prevent these situations from arising by helping employers benchmark salaries against other competing businesses in the same industry. During the hiring process, recruitment agencies can act as a trusted intermediary on behalf of both parties and agree a mutually acceptable salary and benefits package. If both parties are ‘reading from the same page’ from the outset, it ensures a realistic prospect of sealing the deal at the end of the process.  


Deliver contractors as needed


Given today’s gig economy, businesses are increasingly needing to scale their level of staff up and down as needed. Recruitment agencies are invaluable when it comes to sourcing suitable candidates for short-term contract roles. Most companies find that bringing in additional contractors at the start of a new project is a great way to get it off the ground quickly. Recruiters have access to experienced contractors who are used to coming into businesses to hit the ground running. No time has to be wasted with a lengthy onboarding and training process.


“It’s not always easy to distinguish a good contractor from a bad contractor at first glance. But having placed hundreds of contractors in a wide range of sectors, I have a solid understanding of the common traits to look out for. Obviously each individual has skills and qualities that are unique to them, but there are some fundamentals that remain consistent. For example, the best contractors will be able to give an impartial review of existing business processes and challenge bad practices where appropriate. Their wealth of experience in solving different problems in a variety of market sectors is highly valuable as they can offer advice on how to increase efficiency,” said Daniel Thornton, Associate Director at Venturi.


Build a lasting relationship


Fostering a lasting and trusted relationship with a recruitment agency is hugely beneficial as future hires will inevitably become smoother and quicker. Over time the two parties will gain a better understanding of how the other works and wants to communicate. The agency will develop an intuitive understanding of what the ‘ideal’ candidate looks like for a particular company –  not just based on skills and experience alone but also on personality.




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